To reward all 50km(Trail) and 74km(Trail) finishers, we have delicately designed a

finisher's trophy

1:A message to yourself at the Finish: Before start, racers will write their promises or wishes to themselves on the trophy base, which will all be transported to the finish line to welcome all finishers!
2:Stamped with glory: Finishing time of each finisher will be engraved onto the trophy. Finishers can even put a finishing stamp on it by themselves!

We understand that finishing a race is never easy. We hereby sincerely offer each finisher a unique finisher’s trophy, which is a victory prize that racers give to themselves!

To reward all 10km(Road) and Half Marathon(Road) finishers, we have delicately designed a

finisher medal

10km(Road) Running Finisher Medal

Half Marathon(Road) Running Finisher Medal